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Welcome to Tarakon Records!

The company was first created to represent the Caribbean music and today we’re proud of our work and accomplishments. We’ve collaborated with artists and music professionals to create cross genre fusion, which has enabled us in taking the music industry a notch higher.

Our Story

Tarakon Records was founded by Kevin and Jacqueline Lyttle in 2007. The label was initially created to represent international star, Kevin Lyttle. Mr. Lyttle is renowned for producing exemplary music by fusing Soca, Reggae R&B and other sounds, which has formed the current modern music template. At Tarakon Records, we believe that such fusion of sounds make music limitless for this generation of music creators and listeners. Today, we’re happy to represent all forms of Caribbean music, spanning from different areas including Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Venezuela and every other country in between. We have also expanded in the past couple of years to include artists from other genres. Tarakon Records signed our first Urban artist is 2016.

At Tarakon Records, we believe in creating refreshing and awe-inspiring music as well as exclusive sound tracks that are solely contributed by some of the most leading music professionals and artists in the Caribbean, United States and Canada. We’re constantly searching for new and exciting ways to connect with our fans, creating never before heard music and assisting our artists in carving their own unique identity.

For further details about our latest releases, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tarakonrecords! You can also learn more about our music and offerings at our website www.tarakonrecords.com!


Email: Tarakon Records
Tel: 1-784-284-1001
Website: www.KevinLyttleMusic.com


Guillermo Tjin
Managing Director Tarakon Records Europe
In house booking in Europe (including the UK) by Perpetual Motions Entertainment

Phone: +31618940729
Fax: +1-784-284-1002
E-mail: EuropeMD@tarakonrecords.com

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