Born April 4th 1988 as Alexander Davis, I grew up knowing I would be a music head. I couldn’t help it…. My Father and Uncle were Deejay’s. My brother’s also a musician, dj, and producer. So it’s safe to say that me picking up that passion for music was kind of a given. If I had to say what influenced my drive to pursue a music career as an artist, I would say, the crazy metaphors and punch lines from Lil Wayne. I felt his lyrics were unbeatable. I always thought to myself how can someone come up with the perfect pronunciation to make words make sense. Busta Rhymes, Twista,  was quick fast and fluent, you can here every word that they were saying, it was clear and had so much bounce and a mean flow. Busta had so much character and never had a dead flow ever. Field Mob and OutKast had so much swag and groove they gave me my flavor, they were ahead of their time back then but I was up on it. Field Mob didn’t really get the credit they deserve. Back to Ashy to Classy in 2000 they were rapping about what artist are rapping about today. These artist have influence and guided me to being the versatile artist that I am today/


I remixed the song Pound Cake from Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same, and in that song I vented about the support in the 1st verse; it all comes from support, fans, the longevity. I felt like I was in it by myself. It’s people that know you, that know you have the talent, know you go hard but won’t
support; but yet the major artists that are already known and already at the top they’re  supporting them but they don’t know them personally and coming back to me and promoting to me their music. So my question is why wont you do that for me? “The Team works makes the dream work” is what
I scream at the end of the verse to try to get people to see my point of view

Growing up, I was very active in sports. I participated in a little of everything starting with T-ball, football, soccer, track and basketball. With football being one of my favorites, I wanted to actually get somewhere with it, until I switched High School’s to a school that didn’t have a team, so that was
basically the end of that. Middle school I was in the band and played the trumpet, another part of my life that made me musically inclined. I love to cook, and today that’s how I’m making a
living. So now I’m down to cooking and music…


I want keep the image of music alive. I want people to be able to picture an image of my words and relate to it. Music should always have a feeling, it keeps people at a level where they can zone
out and let the music vent and speak to them so they won’t feel alone in their situation.

I plan to target a diverse crowd and reach international recognition. I want to be able to have no limits on my music, and create good music that grasps everyone’s attention. I think most people listen to my music because of my flow. I have a different flow on every beat and I try to create more than one flow on one beat. My punch lines are appealing, the delivery has personality and my music quality is clear and sharp. I want to inspire to my fans to never stop no matter what! When they see me I want them to believe in believing, use me as motivation. The sky has no limit, and I want to reach a level above the top of the game. I want to be legendary!

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