April 9, 1989

It Was The day Ashley Ann wAS born. HER mother would Say to HER, Music is in her BLOOD! AS a Child growing up,aNYTHING that had made any rythem WOULD Grasp HER attention. she lived her life seeing her family growing from two different cultures, introducing her To MANY different GENRES like merengue and salsa ect. As she grew up learning the Entertainment LIFE, ASHLey Ann WAS ADAPTING more to music Seeing her  FAMILY who was trying to also get DISCOVERED for THeir many talents; THIS is What gave her The MOTIVATION to become a singer.

At the Age Of 13

being raised in Manhattan, Ashley ann WAS GIVen the chance to volunteer as a cast in a documentary film that was based on young Talented kids, Who Use The Environment for their hobbies. At the Time She Was Into sports. The Documentary became successful And the FIlm LANDED On Sesame STREEt By The Name Of “PLAYGROUnd” WHICH HELPed Her To CONTINUE TO expand her DREAMs.

At The Age of 15

ashley ann relocated to Florida to continue living with Her mother. Then one day her mother introduced a neighbor to her. Which at the time was a upcoming rapper and With HIS Knowledge of music. she learned what It takes and the hard work that It took to become an Artist In music industry.

Years, Later

Her life kept bringing her up and down but through the struggle, she managed to always believe in herself and her voice.

In 2013

Ashley Ann Build her own little studio In her room and managed to make a song of what she was going through at the time. The song is called “let you go”. She posted it on Facebook to see what people thought of it and her voice was heard. A lot of people told her to continue her dream, not to stop and they can relate to her song. Right there! she knew music became a purpose in her life.

In 2013-2015

She went back living in miami. Then Met a woman  called Tara who inspired her to continue being a singer.

This lady came into her life through her difficult times and She started off knowing Ashley at a place called KidsVille, in the mall. Then Ashley needed her services to get back on her feet.  As the woman got to know Ashley’s personality, they grew a strong bond.

One day Ashley mentioned, that she had done a song in the past and showed  Tara. This is when she heard the song and she was amazed. Tara said “I got you” and when she said this, it stood replaying in Ashley’s mind.

Throughout the months Tara and Ashley continued to touch base and keep their friendship steady. Then kidsville relocated and Tara Asked Ashley to work one day at kidsville. This is when Ashley met the owner of kidsville a Famous Artist by the Name of Kevin lyttle and his wife Jacquie. This was a moment she didn’t take for granted. It was all about kidsville at the time, and how she could help with Tara keeping the business going.

Unfortunately, kidsville had Shutdown. Then tara had another job to work on (the grand opening of Tarakon records with Kevin lyttle and Jacquie). Then tara said she had a Surprise for Ashley. When one day she was contacted by A Top A.R manager by the name of Aubrey Davis and he invited her to the studio.

When Ashley got her opportunity to show them what she’s got. The next day Aubrey let Jacquie and kevin lyttle hear her voice through video. Then they told Ashley to come for a meeting. The day of that Meeting, her voice was heard by Jacquie and Kevin lyttle, and they recruited her on to Tarakons records.

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