C.A.S.H.E. (Chasing And Striving Harder Everyday) is not your average indie hip hop artist. Born in California to military parents, and raised in Miami and Atlanta, Cashe’s passion for hip hop started at the tender age of 9. He started writing music at that time and dreamed of becoming an iconic hip hop artist. Cashe’s well-rounded versatile sound is pleasing to listeners, which has led to an increase in his fan base. In 2011 through the end of 2012, Cashe (formerly known as Cash Flizzo at that time) achieved moderate independent success after releasing a buzz single “What I Look Like”, two mixtapes entitled “New Year, New Face, New Money” and “Snapbacks and Backpacks” (both receiving downloads in excess of 15,000), and was also featured on numerous blog and music websites including www.24hourhiphop.com, datpiff.com, iBlog126.com, krankitupmag.com, wrapcritic.com, greenhitz.com,coasttocoast.com, and n8tion.com.

In April of 2013, Cashe had an epiphany of changing the type of music he created and being an inspiration to others through his music and also through his story. It was at that moment he realized the vision and route he wanted to take with his music. Cashe began working on his EP entitled, “Wish Me Well,” at that time and is now preparing for its release in the coming months.

In February 2014, he digitally released his debut single, “Watch,” produced by Grammy- nominated producer, K.E. On the Track, which is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and other music websites.

What started out as a dream for Cashe, is becoming his reality. He’s an artist so passion about his craft that he’d continue writing and recording music, even if it doesn’t come with a paycheck. Cashe’s mission is to inspire those who need it and those with dreams, big or small.

“I’m a dreamer and I’m going to keep dreaming.” – Cashe

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