Inspired by hits from both the past and present, up and coming hip-hop artist Jackson has been lending his raw, uncut talent to a variety of productions. By blending elements from old school hip-hop with new era production, Jackson has made it apparent that he is an artist willing to pursue new endeavors.

Throughout his musical career, Jackson has not only written all of his own music, but has also written over 40 songs for numerous local and national artists. A college graduate, Jackson is not new to lyrical and expressive writing, as it was instilled in him early on by his mother Donna, a poet from their native home, the Bahamas. His impressive talent is evident in the vivid memoirs he shares through his work, inviting his audience to feel the emotion and honesty in his words. Moreover, his captivating voice has fans joining him on these journeys time and time again. Jackson’s musical influences range from a wide group of talent – James Brown to Lauryn Hill to Andre 3000. When discussing the music that has made a memorable impression in his life, Jackson states: “Songs like This is a Man’s World by James Brown have always stuck with me, because back then they actually talked about feelings and not so much about the facade of things… it was actual music.” Musing on current artists, Jackson compares elements in his music to those that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar bring to the business. “They bring the element of the original hip-hop feel. They tell a story and that’s the type of artist I am,” Jackson elaborates.

Jackson’s sophomore mixtape XXIV, which debuted on February 24th, 2014, has earned him critical acclaim along with a rapidly growing fan base. XXIV is both captivating and exhilarating; a collection of music that will lead you into a world of depth and profundity. Much of Jackson’s personal story is shared through the songs on XXIV, influenced by upbringing in his hometown city of Miami, Florida, where he is currently raising his two daughters, Hope and London.

Along with the release of XXIV came the rise of Cult Society, an artist collective headed by Jackson himself. The idea for Cult Society emerged during early recording sessions between Jackson and a childhood friend. Realizing that, between them, they represented four different nationalities, and wanting to create a movement bigger than themselves, they created Culture Group, the initial moniker for Cult Society. Promoting under the nickname Cultshii, Cult Society now boasts a healthy amount of memberships, from artist spanning a variety of fine arts. Jackson’s artistic journey has only just begun and as he looks toward reaching the top of the industry, he will make sure his steps resonate beyond the music industry.

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