The delicate tones of his voice and the unrivalled passion that accompanies it,epitomises the talent of Roy Q.Born in the idyllic Caribbean island of St.Vincent,Roy Q.moved to Toronto at an early age and set his sights on making his name in the music industry.

His musical inspirations come from the likes of Michael Jackson,Brandy and Mariah Carey as well as contemporary artists such as Chris Brown and Ne-Yo.

Roy Q.has a unique voice and crosses the musical genres of R&B and Gospel adding to the diverse talents of this up and coming artist.

His ability to entertain is a gift which he loves to share.Those who know him,know him to be a peaceful,humble and well respected individual who loves to share his passion.

Roy Q.has performed throughout North America and the Caribbean and has perform for many charities so far.And he has also acted to add to his many qualities.His aim now is to reach out to millions of people throughout the world with his unique voice.

We give you Roy Q,the soul of R&B and Gospel

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